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        The Law Office of Albuquerque Melo Advogados was founded by João Roberto Leitão de Albuquerque Melo who for decades, with the support of his loyal team of lawyers and consultants, has been an authority in Brazil on the provision of integral personalized legal services. With sound innovative legal solutions it has won the trust of private and corporate clients in Brazil and around the globe. more

        WHAT WE DO

        We offer full legal service constantly seeking out the real needs of each client with a subtle understanding of its corporate structure, products and services, and respect for its culture. This understanding of the client's business model and its variations helps us build solid relations of mutual trust, ensuring a first class legal service with successful innovative solutions throughout Brazil. more

        • Albuquerque Melo Advogados Rio de Janeiro

          Rua Sete de Setembro, 54, 12nd floor
          | Rio de Janeiro | RJ
          20050-009 | Tel.: +55 021 2506-2150 Brazil

        • Albuquerque Melo Advogados SÃO PAULO

          Avenida Paulista, 2300, Pilotis floor
          Bela Vista
          | São Paulo | SP
          01310-300 | Tel.: +55 011 2847-4533 Brazil

        • Albuquerque Melo Advogados RECIFE

          Av. Antônio de Góes, 60, 14º andar
          | Recife | PE | JCPM Trade Center
          51010-000 | Tel.: +55 081 2122-3129 Brasil